Why Put Together an RPG Like This?

We have been asked, a great many times, to explain why we are creating a RPG like we are.

The answer is pretty simple. RPG’s are created often. However, most of the time the player has no input or very little input into the world. We ourselves have run into this situation. It was time to do something different. Though the game and world are almost complete, we felt that there was a very real opportunity for player input. Why not have people who donate into a Kickstarter get a say into what they are paying for?

Your input and voting will change the politics, ecology, even geography of the world.

When the game is done it will be a reflection of the game designers creation mixed with the decisions that those who donate have chosen. In this day and age, with so much available content, we feel this sets us apart dramatically from all the rest.


Question of the Week.

More Good News!


We have a huge number of professional artists jumping at the chance to work on the book. They are all incredibly talented people! We hope to use everyone one of them for various aspects of the book. Its going to be huge, somewhere around 250+ pages. Lots of professional artists work will be inside.

Amazing Feedback!

Recently sent out the rules to be play-tested again, hammered on, beat up, and critiqued. Reviews ranged from perfect, to phenomenal. So excited! Really never expected that kind of feedback.

Also sent the first drafts to the resident copy editor, who slammed through the Kickstarter and basically rewrote it. Now I changed it around on her again. Amazing that her feedback was so positive!

Artists Are Go!

We currently have 2 exceptional artists for interior art, and hoping to add a 3rd very soon. But we are also looking to get an exceptional artist specifically for the cover that I have worked with in the past. I am so excited, this fellow’s work is phenomenal I can’t wait to announce his arrival on the team.