After Earth FAQ

Afterearth is a game of what if scenarios. What if the world almost came to an end, if the fabric of reality ripped apart and realities merged? How would man cope, how would those that arrived continue to live? What if creatures, places, and things from other realities merged with our own?

That what if way of thinking also reflects the creation of this gameworld.

About Afterearth: The Fall

What if gamers got to drive major areas of the creative process? What if they had creative voting rights into various aspects of a game world? What if they got to directly interact with the game designers and move the entire world forward? No hard work on the gamers parts, just choice and driven creative process that would create an amazing RPG.

The majority of the work has been completed but specific game changing areas have been left open of the world, characters, and various other aspects of the game to be open for input by those who pledge. This completed game will be combined with the excellent rules system already created for the Afterearth world. A rules system that combines speed with role-playing, brutality with complexity, and simplicity with infinite expansion possibilities.


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