The Books Contents

The Afterearth: The Fall, sourcebook will include:

  • The history of Afterearth as written by Scum the Explorer
  • Races and Roles detailed below
  • Over 25 detailed races with sub-races and location sub-types included.  Humans, Elves, Dark Dwarves, Dorgals (Dog men), the flying race of Passerine, and many many more. Totaling over 50 choices total.
  • Over 40 character classes for your player character. The Armatist Gunslinger, the brutal Reever Doctor, the mysterious Prince of Sands, the sturdy Spell-Breaker, and the deadly Sand-mask that fights the Energy Cannibals at every turn. These are just a few of the amazing and detailed character classes available.
  • Rules to live by. The rules of Afterearth are fast and brutal like the world itself. However, complexity lies in a very easy to learn skill system so that interactions of all kinds, fighting, talking, exploring, rewards, all feel real and most importantly FUN! Walkthroughs, tips, tricks, expansions, and advice abound here. The basic rules can be explained in less than 5 minutes but can be expanded in limitless ways.
  • Story Seeds. Over 200 story starters for the world. Based on location, timeframe, and world events, the Story Seeds are resources themselves to flesh out the Afterearth world.
  • Pledge input where it was given. Did you create an NPC? It will be there. Did you vote on major world events? Those will be included. Did you vote on the art, your word is equal to the game designers on the final decision. Did you submit story seeds? You will see them, with credit, in all their glory!

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