AfterEarth Subterfuge System

We are currently breaking out the rules and identifying the general rules of the game from those that point to particular ways of playing.

Case in point:

Statistics and skills identify the particular bonuses to a card draw that allow a player to hit the target that they need to succeed. Not taking into account suit, color, and the various other aspects of the cards, turned, straight, flipped or un-flipped, shown or unshown. That information has to be contained within the general rules section. However, the various ways the cards are used such as a turned card versus a straight card, or a suit versus a color, has to be within the rules section AND the Subterfuge section.

Since we are aiming to really show the ease of the system the rules section will have sketches for various card formations. This is something you don’t see in many games but we don’t want ANY confusion as to what is going on within the rules.


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