Day 14: Summary Highlights for Afterearth

Can’t believe today is exactly 2 weeks from the day we hit the web with this grand idea! With 300 pages written, we are figuring we are looking at upwards of 500 pages if our Kickstarter is successful. Two weeks ago we were a small team of 2, 14 days later we are proud to say we are working with six artists who’ve helped with graphics design, weapon design, character design, and gameworld scenery. As the resident copy editor (a consultant with Ignite, LLC) I’ve now edited story pages, Kickstarter pages, WordPress pages, and created contracts for various work. Ignite, LLC has been excited to get the opportunity to try something different, entering the world of role-playing is both challenging and fun! I’ve editing journal articles, books, brochures, handouts, fliers and other marketing materials, staff meeting minutes, blogs, websites, short stories, poems, and loads of college papers but never a role-playing game. Getting a break from the graduate level research papers has been a welcomed distraction for me!

The mastermind behind all of this has been busy recording and editing the Kickstarter video. Our hope is that after one (okay maybe two) more rounds of edits to the Kickstarter content we’ll be ready to submit the project for review. We can’t wait to reveal this project in more detail and get your feedback, stay tuned!


Artists Are Go!

We currently have 2 exceptional artists for interior art, and hoping to add a 3rd very soon. But we are also looking to get an exceptional artist specifically for the cover that I have worked with in the past. I am so excited, this fellow’s work is phenomenal I can’t wait to announce his arrival on the team.