Dev Diary Edition 1: Testing, Card Love, Caveats…or Maybe Not!

Worked all morning on the Kickstarter and with artists. Tough work. It is always difficult having everyone see the same vision but I have been amazed at how excellent these people are.

Playtested some of the game rules last night as well. One of the things we are trying to make sure of is that the card rules work well no matter if the gamemaster wants to utilize the cards in a shallow way or a very detailed way. We have found that for the most part, many testers wanted to experiment at a very shallow level with a single card impacting 1 or 2 aspects of any particular situation but that quickly evolved into their desire to use them to their max potential. This is excellent news but we had to force them to use the cards as anyone new to the game could so that we can verify everything works even at the most basic level.

After looking at the input we have a hit on our hands. Really worked well. Some amazing feedback as well and its such a great feeling to have people just love something without a caveat.

Good times


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