The World of Afterearth: The Fall

300 years after the known world fell, when mankind reached to the dimensions and tore them aside, the world has slowly begun to recover. Those humans that remain have passed down what knowledge they could in the form of oral tradition, books, and storytelling. From this knowledge humans have begun to adapt to the new world but they are no longer alone. Other races, from the edges of fantasy, have brought their own beliefs and abilities to earth and the balance of power was hopelessly thrown asunder. Now humans must survive along or against an uncountable array of other alien races, to live to fight and fight to live and ultimately survive in what is now called the Afterearth.

On this new earth, Elves weave spells of such power that their side-effects are felt for miles. Malignant Dark Dwarves, heady with racial pride and powerful anti-magic, take over plots of land and hold onto them with the tenacity of leeches on flesh. The willful Passerine, bird-men from another land, trying desperately to return to their forest home, their despair felt by all. Nomadic and massive Trolls, the garbage collectors of the world, now armor themselves in various scrap and roam the desert in massive tribes protected by their mutated kin the Revengers. These creatures of fantasy join a multitude of others and seek out a living in a world changed forever.

Birthright means nothing. A man digs within the earth for scrap, while his sister rises to the lofty heights of leadership within the City States, even as their father begins to learn the arcane arts of ritual magic. Armatists pass down the knowledge of weapon creation and wield mighty tools in their mysterious fire forges, while Reever Bone Doctors set broken legs as they read from unearthed veterinary books and try to connect the dots. Individuals strive for power and groups are slaughtered by those more powerful. As the sun sets it is the end for many and the beginning for the lucky.


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