Afterearth: The Fall – World Information

Before the Fall

“Mankind always goes too far.” That is the prophetic saying scribbled on an ancient tablet deep within the twisting Break Neck mountains. 300 years ago mankind, in his technological desire to stretch forth his hand and touch other dimensions, brought on a disaster that very nearly destroyed the entire world. Other dimensions overlapped our own. Millions died as races from other worlds, diseases from other planes, and plagues from the darkest space, fell upon the might of man. Those in power ruined the world as they retaliated with their weapons of mass destruction, against each other and the newfound threads, changing the very face of the world and tilting the earth on its axis.
Those humans that remained passed down what knowledge they could in the form of oral tradition, books, and storytelling. From this knowledge humans began to adapt. Other races, some dismisses as pure fantasty, brought their own beliefs and abilities to earth, and the balance of power was hopelessly thrown asunder. Now humans must survive against Dark Dwarves, Elves, and an uncountable array of other alien races to live to fight and fight to live and ultimately survive After Earth.
These are just a few of the archtypes that roam the wildlands and the City States.

Armatists are the machine makers. Those with a instinctual drive to fix machinery and work the world with their hands and their tools. Their tools are their life and without them, they are nothing but a scavenger with skills. Be it guns, swords, pumps, generators, or ancient mysterious machines, these are the folks that keep them running.

Bounty Hunters are the scum that hunt the scum. Selling out to whomever has the most salvage, Bounty Hunters are skilled trackers and have the lifespan of a desert wind. Skilled in weapons and trapping, their work for the Energy Cannibals have bent them and made their presence a dark omen.

Ex Civilian’s are those who somehow escaped the City States with their lives. Unaccustomed to the Wild Lands most die in short time, however many can ply trades and secrets they learned from their time in the cities. Sadly, many are seen as spies, and some are. They are tolerated for their knowledge, but many are the Ex Civilian’s that have disappeared in the night to a posses rope.

Music Men are a tough breed. Prefall musicians sang songs of love and tragedy but lived lives of excesses and vice. Music Men travel the world fighting and loving, living and dying, and their stories are sung from the point of truth. A Music Man sings truth and lying can get them killed. As eager to strum a guitar as to save a child they are bards with teeth.

Salvager’s are those that bring back the items from before the fall. All currency after the fall is in the terms of salvage and a though metal itself is common, the rare materials, and even the rubber from old car tires can bring a Salvager enough wealth to own his own home and pay others to do the work for him. Sadly, too many dead Salvagers lay in the wastes, their salvage stolen by others.

Reevers are the men and woman of the world that have taken up medical practices in the world. Sew Nurses, Bone Menders, Reever’s, whatever the name the skills are the same. To sew and mend wounds, to reform bone, and to keep those around them alive.

These roles are just a few of the 40+ roles and 25+ races within the game


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