Regions: Eastland

The East Lands are a massive section of unexplored land east of the Dragon Spine Mountains. The forested area is twisted and blighted by the wars that occurred before the Fall. Massive swamps, magnificent and twisted forests, and cavernous tunnels systems twist the land into an uneven puzzle of death. Those that return from exploring the East Lands speak of monstrosities that move through the earth as a worm through dirt, and they speak of angry shadows that fly through the trees at night. None return.

Locations in the East:
Beast Belly Bay
Craw Obelisk
Rough Treasures

Scum’s Notes: Haven’t traveled there and don’t damn right expect to anytime soon. Only a fool goes to that place. Oh sure, people speak of treasures there, lots of dullards speak of heaven too. Don’t see many people returning from either place. Nah I am fine right here. Now get me another drink, my tongue is clicking.


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