Regions: Wildlands

The Wild-Lands are within the bowl between the Break Neck mountains to the west and the Dragon’s Teeth Mountains to the East. Thousands of miles of desert stretch across its vast area, split between the northern Little Desert, and the massive Earth Sun desert to the south. Small towns dot the land as humans who desire freedom eek out a life in the harsh land. Here might makes right but freedom is the most important thing a man can hold.


Scum’s Notes: Good men and women here. Fighting the land, fighting the Troll tribes, fighting the monsters, and the Energy Cannibals in their stinking smog belching souls ships. That’s the thing right there though. The people may be dirty, may be poor, may have to squeeze sand to get water. Doesn’t matter one lick to them. Cause they are free. Better to be a free man running from a Cannibals ship than a kept man taking the death lottery.


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